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Leading Web Design & Development Company USA & India!

Not only deardesk is the World’s best SEO Company, but also the leading Web Design & Development Company in USA & India. Having a wonderful user friendly website with the high-end interface is the first step to become a successful entrepreneur online. We are proud in hiring the best ecommerce website development experts!

We are specilized in “custom web development services”.

But, we at deardesk design and develop websites / e-commerce sites not only to attract customers, but also to attract leading search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo! deardesk is one of the best SEO web design company in the USA & India!

We have a dedicated team of SEO Web Development Experts in USA & India who would be able to offer custom websites based on International Standards.

Be it any programming language like Word Press, JavaScript, Java, Elixir, Rust, Go, TypeScript, Python, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C#, Swift, Shell etc, we have mastered in it.

With the help of our Web design & Development Experts & SEO Experts, you will be able to rank “any website” in the top of search engine page rankings (SERP). Yes! Get partnered with deardesk and challenge your competitors.

Because, you website will be way ahead of your competitors in search results.

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Best ECommerce Website Development Company

#1 ECommerce Website Developers

Online Sales has become the future of shopping! Almost every medium and large sized retailers in United States have opted for a Ecommerce Website Development Company to increase their sales flow. A statistic says that almost 75% of the people is USA have started using their mobile phones to purchase products online. Only 25% visit retail outlets to buy their products.
Custom Web Development Services

In our personal experience 60% of the business in United States, be it New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Texas, California etc outsource their Website requirement to India. Because, they can find and hire the best web design & development company in India.

Why India?

India is one of the biggest IT hub of the world, which has highly education software developers and programmers and also India is a low arbitrage country. You get cheaper price with best quality.

But why deardesk?

The advantage of hiring deardesk as your ecommerce website development company :

Best SEO Company in the World: We are not only specialized in ecommerce website development, but also have mastered SEO. And we are the best SEO Company in the World. So combining your ecommerce website with our SEO expertise, we will be able to rank your ecommerce site in leading search engine page rankings (SERP)

Global Presence: We have our presence in United States, Canada, United Kingdom & India. So it would be easy for us communicate based on your time zone, deardesk is incorporated in Florida and we have physical locations in Florida, New York, Atlanta & California.

Best Customer Support: We understand how important a customer is! So addressing your concern would be our highest priority in our to-do list. Do you have any queries, feel free to call us at : Toll Free ( USA ) : +1-800-970-9193.

Professional Web Design & Development Company: The leading Ecommerce Website Development Company in India & USA. So hiring deardesk would be your best suggestion and wise idea, if you are interested to rank your ecommerce site in search engines!

Leading Local SEO Services Provider:  ECommerce websites are mostly used by Local Companies and they need Local SEO to get ranked in their city or state. Getting partnered with deardesk will boost your local rankings.

Custom Web Development Services

The only CMS module which is 100% SEO friendly is Word Press! With the help of Word Press you can customize your website / ecommerce / blog.

We customize websites based on your requirements

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, online is the only platform you can count on. But unfortunately, most of the companies wouldn’t have skilled knowledge of website development. So they would end-up purchasing a ready made website or e-commerce template from Monster or Theme Forest.

Well that’s no harm!

Get Professional Website

But, every business owner would have a dream about their brand and online presentation. Not all websites are attractive and most importantly customization. It is requires programmers, developers, structure designers etc to rebuild or customize the theme which you had purchased from online.

And that will triple your expense.

We at deardesk offer end to end custom web development services based on your requirements and needs. We have a team of technology specialist who would be able to deliver your dreams! Be it, websites, e-commerce sites, blogs etc.

Benefits of custom web development services

The mentioned below are the list of benefits in using custom web development services:

You dream, we deliver
At deardesk we offer our customers the comfort and convenience of building their required websites / e-commerce sites. We ensure that all your requirements are met with professionalism and still being unique.
Custom Web developers

Most of our client’s websites are customized. Because, we feel that every customer is important. We do not implement the same website structure or theme to all our customers. In fact, there is nothing called as recycling, because, every customer has their own unique requirements based on the structure or design etc.

Our website developers and programmers have years of experience handling international customers. And we have always delivered with 100% customer satisfaction. End of the day, customer is important for us.

Website Integration and external APIs
The advantage of custom web development services is that you can integrate your website with any interface or services. For example: PayPal, we can integrate the payment gateway in your customized eCommerce site easily. And not only that, we can also add required plugins and help you build customized data feeds.
Highly encrypted security for eCommerce websites

Security / Hacking / Spamming are threats which occur to websites, especially eCommerce websites which aren’t secured. But, we at deardesk create programs which will be hard to crack even by the best hackers in the world.

We say this with confidence, so far not even one single customer has complained about their ecommerce site being hacked.

In fact they call us to thank for creating a wonderful custom website. We assure 100% ROI.

Easy Upgrades
We always create websites having the future in the mind. So any updates, changes or upgrade required in your eCommerce site will be easy to work with. And we also foresee your business traffic, so that we build website structures that are easy to handle and load on the computer for any amount of visitors checking your website at a single time.
Errors and Bugs
We are certain that there wouldn’t be any bug or error in our custom designed eCommerce websites. Still just in case, we would be able to trouble shoot the error within no time as we know where exactly the problem is, because, we created your website!

Types of Web Development

Responsive Website Development

web design & development companyRecently, Google the leading search engine in the world has restructured their preferences for websites which are more responsive. Google Go, is their latest trend.

Their core focus has changed from desktop users to mobile users as they believe the future of internet will majority be through mobile phone and tablets.

So developing a website / e-commerce which are friendly as well as responsive will 100% fetch a great ROI. Imagine that you are trying to buy or research something in a website. What would your reaction be, when the website is not responsive? You will just close that website and move on to the next one.

So, having a responsive SEO friendly website will boost traffic to your website. And, with the social media integrated in your website you get more likes, comments and shares for your website. The more outreach, the more authority your website becomes!

E-Commerce Website Development

The easiest access to buy products / services from the comfort of the couch can only happen to E-Commerce Websites. Back in 2005 customers were hesitating to place orders online using their credit / debit cards, fearing of the unknown.

ecommerce website development companyBut, in 2007 almost 90% of the customers throughout the world, prefer buying through online, especially using their mobile phones / tablets.

The awareness of e-commerce is greatly influenced by Amazon, Flip Kart, Walmart etc. And Amazon, being the largest e-commerce portal, they sell their products to customers worldwide. We at deardesk create e-commerce websites based on  highly encrypted with crack-proof technology. So that it prevents hackers from abusing your website.

You being a seller, you would be able to sell your products through online at ease. Check out the advantages of having a e-commerce website.


Advantages of E-Commerce Websites as a seller:

  • Responsive e-commerce site
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products upload
  • Customized shipments
  • API Integration for Shipment Tracking
  • Returns Management
  • User –friendly Content Management System (CMS)
  • Easy uploading of pictures
  • Read to use : Meta Tag, Title Tag & Product Discription Page.
  • Add new product / delete a product / hide a product
  • Detailed management Information Report ( MIR)
  • Easy to generate reports
  • Reports on top selling products
  • Competitor analysis & implementation ( Stand alone service : This is software which you will have to purchase from us for additional cost )
  • Low operational cost cuttings
  • Physical store not required
  • High Return on Investment (ROI)
  • You can sell anything and everything
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Email notifications
  • Live chat
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • More time to focus on quality of the products and customer service.

 Advantages of E-Commerce Website for a buyer:

  • multiple options to select from
  • Easy to compare products
  • Filtering products based on best price / high reviews / most liked etc
  • Easy checkout
  • Secured OTP ( One Time Password)
  • Order Tracking
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Registered Customers – One click payouts.
  • Time Saving & Much more
Mobile App Development

Deardesk develops the best quality customer interface for Mobile Applications. We offer our extended services which supports Windows Mobile phone, Andriod & iOS. We have a dedicated team for Mobile App Developments.

We have created many mobile Apps for e-commerce, dating & social networking. It’s not that we are famous in dating Apps, but we get a lot of orders especially for Dating Apps, just purely through reference.

Why choose deardesk for your Mobile Application Development?

  • Best UI / UX Designs
  • Expert Coding Professionals
  • Professional Mobile App Testing
  • Best App Marketing Strategies
Website Application Development

Unlike the native app, the Web App works on the mobile phone using a browser and an active internet connection and it is integrated with cloud to access remote database.

The best part is Website Applications can be adaptive with any mobile phone.  Though, we support Mobile Application over Website Application, we still have the expertise to execute the best protocols to develop website applications.

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