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Big or small, your SEO Company can definitely do great with a small push…with few bits of effective SEO tips and tricks!

Well, if you don’t fancy any dark strands sticking out of the services you provide (Due to the usage of black hat SEO), our SEO tips and tricks are just for you. They will definitely add a strong shade of advantage to the valuable services you provide your clients with.

These SEO tips and tricks may seem simple and straightforward, but are among those, which even big SEO companies constantly seem to forget to take note of, when they deal with their clients’ websites.

Latest SEO Techniques 2016 & 2017

  • Position your most important keyword (That one word, which is the soul of your web page/ article)in all those crucial places: Title, description, domain name, tagline, main content and categories section.
  • And among the hottest SEO tips and tricks which we can give you is…things won’t work the way you fancy it, if your sites are slower than a drugged snail. So try to avoid all those things which might slow down your sites. E.g.: Flash graphics, music players etc.
  • Stop copying and be innovative, when it comes to strategizing and implementing SEO techniques. Your competitors might be using SEO tips and techniques which work best for them. But that doesn’t mean that they will work out for you as well!
  • Don’t expect Merlin or Dumbledore to pull a rabbit out of the hat in an instant, and hand it over to you. Simple…SEO techniques take time to show results…days, weeks, months or even more.
  • Write, as if you are actually WRITING it. The content in your websites should be written for the readers, and not just for the search engines. If your websites can’t offer any take away for the visitors, then all those SEO tips and tricks which you pour in might prove to be ineffective.
  • Title tag length? More than 60 characters could be hazardous! Well, not exactly. But on a serious note, keeping your title tag length below 60 characters is the way Google prefers it.
  • Appear more reliable, by adding a Privacy Policy page, as well as a Terms and Conditions and Cancellation & Refund policy page in your websites. This will assure search engines and visitors, that your websites are genuine (Now, that was among those highly effective SEO tips, which no one else might tell you).
  • It’s not just your car and house that need constant renovation, but your websites as well. Frequently updating the websites with fresh content will help them get better ranking in search engine results.
  • Be like a smart spider (Apologies to all arachnophobes out there, for mentioning that eerie word), and build a web of internal linking. Link all the web pages in a particular site with each other…and most importantly, link all those pages to the home page as well.
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SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks

And last but not least, two SEO optimization tips which should never be ignored:

  • In title tags, long tail keywords work better.
  • Be constant with your domain name.

With all the above mentioned SEO tips and much more (which we will update soon), your services are bound to bring satisfied smiles on your clients’ faces.

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