On-Page SEO Checklist 2017

On-Page SEO Optimization

When you take each web page of a website and optimize them separately, on-page SEO is said to be at play.

By optimizing each web page, web site owners can get higher ranking in search engine results, and more relevant web traffic in turn (Needless to say, more web traffic means more business and more cash inflow). Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, on-page SEO can do quite good in boosting up the popularity factor of your website.

Key area of On-Page SEO

The key area where on-page SEO differs from off-page SEO is the spot of target.

On-page SEO focuses on things within the website, such as the content, titles, meta tags, HTML source code etc. for the sake of optimization; while off-page SEO focuses on everything outside the website where optimization can be done, such as social networking, blog marketing, submission of articles in forums etc.

Even with all the discussions about which type of SEO is more important in gaining better search engine rankings and web traffic is around, it can be said safely without any doubt: “For best results, both on-page SEO and off-page SEO must go hand in hand”.

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On-Page SEO Techniques

Let’s take a look at few on-page SEO techniques, which has revolutionized the way search engine optimization has been done, over the years:

  • On-Page SEO Contents
  • On-Page SEO Keywords
  • On-Page SEO Internal Link Building
On-Page SEO Contents

Give ‘em original high quality content which is resourceful to the end user, and consider half of your on-page SEO done (That doesn’t let you take things for granted, and ignore all other on-page SEO techniques. They are equally important for your website to get higher search engine rankings and a great inflow of web traffic).

The richer the article gets with interesting presentation, videos, pictures, info-graphics etc; better are the chances for your website to get good search engine rankings.

Three things to remember when it comes to the content part are: Originality, resourcefulness for the site visitors and user engagement factor.

Ps: Remember, plagiarism is a sin in the SEO word. So stay away from copy pasting content, and stick to original stuff.

Giving due importance to formatting, page title, description etc. This part is quite important when it comes to on-page SEO, because this is where you convince the search engines that your website is worth it!

Even in this case, the words uniqueness, resourcefulness, engagement factor etc. mean a lot.

On-Page SEO Keywords

Now, that’s something which pops up in everybody’s minds, when the very word on-page SEO is mentioned. Relevant keywords are to be added throughout the content.

But make sure that one keyword does not repeat too many times (To the extent that it becomes obvious, that the content has been written and keywords have been added just for the sake of SEO, and not for the site visitors).

A 2-5% keyword density is usually recommended. Exceeding that limit can put your website under scanner and at the risk of getting banned.

On-Page SEO Internal Link Building

It’s basically all about placing links to other pages of your website itself. This is a very important on-page SEO technique, since it helps in giving good promotion to all the pages in your website.

Internal linking also prompts a visitor to spend more time on your website, by clicking related links of an article he/ she has been reading.

Ps: A good way to do internal linking is by utilizing the related posts section at the end of your articles, wisely

Well, when it comes to on-page SEO, the techniques never end. But for the time being, above mentioned techniques would just do fine.

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