Latest Google algorithm SEO ranking update : Fred 2017

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Latest Google Algorithm SEO Ranking Updates

Google Algorithm UpdatesEvery time when there is an Google algorithm SEO ranking updates, the complete SEO community gets an big impact on their business. The webmasters and SEO guru’s carefully analyse the strategy of the Google algorithm updates to modify as per the Google’s requirement.

Now, Google has recently rolled out an unconfirmed SEO ranking algorithm on March 8, 2017. And many SEO experts have named it as “Fred Update“. Since, Google’s Gary Illyes – the webmaster trends analyst with Google, jokingly said let all the updates be named “Fred“. So, SEO community started referring this as Fred Update.

Even much before the Fred update, on October 2016, Gary Illyes announced that Google’s search engine will start focusing on Mobile users, as they are aware that there is a rapid growth from mobile users compared to desktop users. The traffic from mobile interface will significantly increase over the period of time.

Hence, Google wanted to create a primary web index, especially dedicated for the mobile community. However, Google will also give importance to desktop users, but that would secondary compared to mobile web indexing.

So Fred update is no big surprise for “deardesk” as we are aware of the evolution process of Google and its algorithm. And this is one of the top reasons for us to rank as The Best SEO Company in the World

We are not worried about Fred Update, know why? We are still ranking in the top page of Google search engine results. And the only reason is we focus on Organic SEO / White Hat SEO techniques.

Google SEO Ranking UpdatesWorried about latest Google algorithm SEO ranking updates?

March 08th 2017 was like a market crash down experience for most of the small, medium and even large website and e-commerce owners and also for Black Hat SEO agencies, because of the latest google algorithm update. Most of the sites which were on the top page including the first position of Google, got vanished to no man’s land!

Google algorithm ranking update made White Hat SEO community rejoice with pride and rewarded more ranking and customers.

Some SEO experts say that this is just a testing phase of the Fred update. But we honestly believe that Google had indeed rolled out their latest Google algorithm update and from then on there has been a significant change in Google search engine SEO results.

It is always important to know and understand the Google algorithm ranking updates, so that we as an “online community” can stay constantly in the front page of Google. So that we get more leads and more customers!

We do not deny that Black Hat SEO has completely gone! There are infact still a lot of Black Hat SEO Websites listed in the #1 position of Google. But how long do you think that they can survive the challange of Google?

In recent times, Google has stopped confirming their algorithm update news as and when they roll out. It is for the SEO companies like deardesk to analyze and update our strategies accordingly.

deardesk's analysis on Google’s Fred Update / Google algorithm SEO ranking update for July 8th, 2017:

Google Algorithm Content Update

Websites that gives priority in their revenue generation rather than helping their customers. Especially the e-commerce websites, were they have low value contents or contents which were deliberately created for the purpose of SEO ranking in Google.

Google has started giving preference for information in the website rather than the number of backlinks which is pointed to the website.

So having original and user friendly contents is a big yes for Google’s ranking! But, when you use Black Hat SEO strategies for your original contents, there isn’t any use, as Google wouldn’t be interested in your website regardless of the content which you have published in your website.

Google Algorithm : Be Google Friendly

Google loves their users, so when the users like your website / e-commerce site, Google starts liking your website too!

Google gives priority for websites which are customer friendly. When you get a lot of traffic to your site and when customers like to hang around in your site, there is no reason as why Google should hate you.

So having original and friendly contents is a big yes for Google’s ranking! But, when you use Black Hat SEO strategies for your original contents, there isn’t any use, as Google wouldn’t be interested in your website regardless of the content which you have published in your website.

Google Algorithm Back linking Update

Get connections with common sense:

Any website / e-commerce site, blog or directories which are irrelevant to the nature of your online business and if their links are pointing to your website, it doesn’t make sense to Google!

For example: When you run an online poker business and if you get a back link from an educational institution, what is the connection? (Or) When you are selling spiritual DVD’s online, why should Google encourage a back-link from Porn Sites!?

Perhaps, it will make sense, even if you get a back-link from atheist websites, but definitely not from pornography sites.

Google Algorithm Updates List

Google Algorithm Mobile Update

Google Algorithm update Mobile SEO

As mentioned above, Google has started giving priority to mobile users than desktop users.

So any website / blog or e-commerce site which aren’t mobile friendly, there is no chance of ranking in Google.

Even if your site is responsive it has to be Google friendly. So implementing Mobile SEO along with user friendly website is a must to get ranked #1 in Google!

Tip : Google will be pleased if the customer doesnt go to a different website for the same search query.  Meaning, you have full-filled the customers requirements.

 So especially for a e-commerce website, it should be a win-win situation where you need to make your customer happy and also Google happy! So, that you can rank top in Google for that particular keyword.

Google update on Social Networking

Its 2017 and majority of the cell phone users have smart phones. And on top, they also get to access their smart phones using internet connections.

Since Google competes with facebook on Mobile applications, the latest Google  algorithm SEO update is mobile friendly. Google as started giving 1st priority to mobile users, so that they can capture the complete mobile users market.

Google Algorithm PBN Updates

Google is strictly against spamming Private Blog Networks (PBN). Any website which has direct links pointed from PBN’s are no good for Google algorithm SEO update.

Most of the Black Hat SEO community would directly point Keywords to the money site or would assign 301 redirects.

Responsive & User friendly websites

As mentioned above, Google is focusing on mobile users since they are aware that the majority of the Google search are being done through Mobiles.

So when a customer Googles something and gets into that particular site, it has to be mobile friendly and most importantly user friendly.

In simple words, Google likes sites which has White Hat SEO Stratergies! And we at deardesk are best in it. And that is one of the main reason why we are ranking for the kewords like ” The best SEO company in the world“, ” Best SEO company USA“, “Best SEO Company India” etc

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