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Kindly read the refund policy & cancellation policy in full, before you make any payments to deardesk.

deardesk is a Digital Marketing Company and we have this as our full time business. We would appreciate if the Client understands and accepts our policy.

In order to maintain a good business relationship, we would like the Client to pay us on time, as we have other overheads to be taken care of. Any delay in payment will be considered as project cancelled and the work done would be of a waste the Client, than deardesk.

Web Development:

Be it Web Design or Web Development, it consumes extensive resources like man hours and internal expenses. Hence, the payment made by the Client is Non-Refundable. If the Client happens to cancel the project or delay payments, in that case any amount paid to deardesk will be non-refundable. No additional cost will be charged from the Client since this is a Pay as you go service.

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting are done through our business partners like Go daddy, Blue Host, Host Gator etc. Hence, the payment made to deardesk’s business partners cannot be requested for a refund. So offering a refund for Web Hosting Services is strictly not possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The payments made by the Client for their SEO, SEM or SMO will not be refunded. The above said services require intense brain storming to understand where the Client stands in the World Wide Web. And also, we do a complete case study of the Clients competitors. So the time we invested is money. Hence, refund will not be possible.

Content Writing / SEO Content Writing / Copy Writing:

These categories of projects can be cancelled within 24 hours from the time of paying deardesk. Anything beyond 24 hours’ time frame, refund will not be given.


Any payments made for any projects (Other than Web Hosting Services) through PayPal can be refunded within 12 hours from the time of making the PayPal payment. However, an official request for cancellation should be email either to our Accounts Team or to your dedicated Project Manager from deardesk.

Charge Backs:

Based on our merchant services, we might for ask the Client’s credit card information and billing information to process cards through our Virtual Terminals provided by our merchant bank. And this is done once after we send you an invoice, and requesting you to fill the payment request form. This means, it is dully accepted by the Client that they are interested in paying deardesk through their credit / debit card.

Claiming that you haven’t given your credit card information or aren’t aware of any such charges will be deemed illegal and fraudulent, as we both will have the records of our email communications along with Adobe IP address stamp.

If the Client claims any such illegal charges to their bank or credit card company. All the services agreed upon will be cancelled immediately and all the works will be UN DONE by deardesk, without notice. Moreover, we will raise a dispute towards your charge back and submit required records to our merchant bank to justify our business ethics.

Other than Web Hosting Services, the Client can request a refund within 12 hours from the time of paying deardesk and deardesk will be bound to refund the client without any holds.

Failing to do so, deardesk will not be in a position to refund your requests.

All refund requests should be email to our billing team or to your key account manager.

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