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How to get backlinks for SEO purpose?

Backlinks – To buy or not to buy, is the question!

It’s always easy to buy something down the aisle with hard cash, rather than arching your back and putting in few drops of extra sweat to truly acquire it. Toying a bit with the introspection thing, it doesn’t take much time for one to realize that there’s a ‘little criminal’ inside each one of us, ready to make the maximum out of the first available opportunity.

And coming to the topic, backlinks are no exception either. Call it commoditization if you please…yes, you can actually buy backlinks for your website and churn few bags of extra dough.

Being pretty easy compared to hours and hours of backbreaking and perspiration to get good website rankings, this option manages to spoil most website owners…especially when they realize that the revenue generated can actually cover the money they spend to buy backlinks.

Sounds appealing?

Well, before you proceed, let us warn you that there is a small problem. As usual, Google plays the bug in the soup. According to the guidelines of Google, you are not allowed to buy backlinks, lest your website gets penalized or even banned forever. Once you end up in Google’s black book, your website can lose its rankings for all keywords, for a time period of more than 6 months. And the worst thing? Your website might get black-marked forever.

So better be politically correct, rather than taking the risk. It is better advised to choose the best website consulting services company to help you get linked.

Avoid buying backlinks wherever possible

Still in a dilemma?Mmmm…so you did read one of those articles written earlier by us, which said that buying backlinks can actually work and get you good website rankings, without being caught!

True! It’s not such an easy job for a search engine to separate husk from hay (i.e., paid links from natural links), thanks to those umpteen numbers of backlinks strewn across the internet. But to be on the safer shore, you’ll have to be extra careful, and take care of the following conditions (We can’t guarantee that you won’t get caught though. But if you are game enough for the risk…):

Best place to buy backlinks for my website

  • Buy individual links, rather than those which come as part of a package. Most of the links which come in packages are usually low quality ones, which link to spam websites, or websites which can be completely unrelated to your domain. Remember those few rotten eggs, which ended up ‘accidentally’ in the package of eggs you bought from the mall lately? Now, that’s risky as well as foolish, to fall for such fraudulent ‘sellers’
  • Make direct dealings with ‘sellers’, rather than with any third parties. We’ve never seen you chitter-chatter with third parties, when it comes to buying groceries or crockery. Then why take the risk, when it comes to backlinks?
  • Avoid sites which remind you of fruit stalls and fish markets…that is, if they are openly selling backlinks. Links from such websites can be of cheap quality, with plagiarized or horribly crafted content
  • Approach only those websites, which are relevant to your domain. Now, you don’t want to appear senseless for the sake of few backlinks, which won’t be of any use to you. Right?
  • And the golden rule is: “Grab only those backlinks, which can be found in the main content of individual pages, rather than those which are spread throughout the website, in all those shady areas…we mean the sidebars, footers etc.
  • And last but not the least, make sure that the number of paid backlinks in your website is 10% or below, out of the total number of backlinks

How spamy backlinks can affect your ranking

PS: Be warned that the temporary revenue you might generate by buying backlinks is not worth it, if you get caught and get banned by Google forever. So, our advice would be to spend some sleepless nights…and days…to promote your website through straightforward methods, and aim for natural back links. Take the help of professional SEO services or hire a best SEO company. Of course, it will take some time for the results to bloom. But trust us, they will be sweeter!

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