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Let’s help you understand why we are the best SEO Company in California, USA. The Total number of search results for “best SEO Company in the world” within quote in Google is 1,660,000. Out of which we are ranked in the 2nd position and without the quote is about 4,200,000 search results and in which we are ranked in the 5th position in Google. Click our SEO Ranking Proofs YouTube Video to check our Keyword rankings.

And this is one of the reasons why deardesk is the Leading SEO Company in California, United States.

You might wonder that deardesk has just ranked only in the front page, but not in the top position. Well, the deardesk ranking proof YouTube video is just to let understand that we are indeed capable of ranking any websites. Top get ranked for our website in #1 position of Google, is a cakewalk for us.

But, we prefer investing our time and manpower wisely to support our customers rather than to rank us high.

Even though there are other 9 SEO companies listed along with deardesk, we still are the best SEO Company in California, for one good reason – backlinks!

You can cross check the number backlinks pointing towards other Top SEO Companies in California Vs deardesk. At deardesk we only have some few backlinks / referral links pointing to our website. But still we have ranked among the Top 10 SEO Companies in California.

Imagine, what if suppose if we dedicate our time towards back linking strategies. We will be rated as the #1 SEO Company in California for a very long time, perhaps until Google exists.

deardesk used White-hat SEO Strategies to get ranked as the best SEO Company in California

Yes, as the title says above we practice only ethical SEO Strategies to get ranked for deardesk as well our customers websites. There are so many methods through which we can get your website ranked in the top search engines. We have tried various SEO theories to understand which SEO technique works best as of 2017.

One of the reason why were able to get ranked as the best SEO company in California or the best SEO Company in USA, is because we closely follow Google’s foot prints. Not our competitors. The art of getting ranked in Google is to strictly follow Googles SEO Guide Book.

But that’s hard work! It’s not that easy to implement all the SEO best practices of Google. We at deardesk wish to rank our customers websites as soon as possible, so we follow Ethical Smart SEO, that’s a new term derived by deardesk Inc.

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Worlds best SEO Company in USA, deardesk Inc!

We offer best SEO services for small, medium & large companies in United States.

Best SEO Company in California USA


The only leading SEO Company in California to offer best SEO Services!

Best SEO Agency in New Jersey USA

New Jersey

Our SEO package is the cheapest in New Jersey and deardesk is the best SEO Agency in New Jersey.


deardesk Inc, headquartered at Miami, Florida. The best SEO agency in Florida!

Top SEO company in Washington USA


Ranking for best SEO company in Washington was quite hard, but still we did it! SEO is our passion!

Top SEO Agency in New York USA

New York

The Top SEO Agency in New York offers gauranteed #1 ranking in search engine.

Cheap SEO Company in Wyoming USA


Best affordable SEO Company in Wyoming. Our customers are more interested in Website design & development.

Ethical Smart SEO is the higher-end version of White-hat SEO

Though we have mastered in all the 205 Googles SEO Ranking Factors, we know for sure, which one works best. And, the best SEO Company in California is a proof of our ethical smart SEO.  We will be shortly releasing the “best SEO tutorials for 2017” video tutorials for companies and individuals who wish to get ranked. Nothing comes for free, that will be a paid program, and the details will be posted shortly.

Click here if you need SEO ranking proofs of deardesk being the best SEO Company in the world. We have uploaded a video to show you real time proofs.

Like other SEO Companies in USA, we do not showcase of customers Keywords. Reason being, we adhere to the Non-Disclosure Agreement between our customers and deardesk. Even when we rank your website, we do not share your information out in the public. Not until you authorize us to showcase your top Keywords in open. Still, we do not do that because, that’s the tip you let out to your competitors as to what keywords you are ranking and which SEO company is doing it.

When your competitor finds out that we have ranked for your website, their access to deardesk would be easy walk. End of the day, everyone is here to explore new business opportunity. And so are we. But, we personally feel that it is unethical to showcase your website to capture your competitors.

There are so many small, medium and large corporate in California who are still not actively present in Internet Marketing. It’s a misconception that people think that the benefit of Internet Marketing is only to sell products or services. Nope. There are so many other benefits apart from selling a product or service.

A few for a thought:

Brand Building
Online Reputation Management
Technology Adaptation
Competitor Analysis and much more

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